Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FCDVentures?

It is a platform developed by FCD Token to establish a connection between Core users and Core developers. Thanks to the platform;

Users can earn FCD for free

Developers can contact potential investors one-on-one and increase project promotions and community interaction.

2. What payment options are available?
Currently we are offering
For deposits FCD
For withdraw Payeer (%5 fee) CORE (%5 fee) and FCD (%0 fee)
3. How do I refer new members?

Click Invite Your Friends on the left side within your member’s dashboard to find your referral link and banners.

A referral is someone who works for you.

Sounds good? Keep on reading:

A referral gets what every other user gets when they click advertisements: Money!
But, if a user that clicks advertisements is your referral, you get money, too! 

So, how do you get referrals? Here are the three ways you can do that:

Use our banners:

Show our banner online with a link to FCDVentures with your username on that link (you can find the banners with the links in your account).
When the visitor clicks that banner, he/she will be sent here.
Then, all he/she has to do is register. We'll take care of the rest for you.


Just tell everyone to register at FCDVentures and to type your username in the referrer field when they do so.

4. Can I have more than one account?

No, having more than one account is not permitted and if caught all accounts will be suspended. If we detect multiple accounts from the same IP address, all accounts will be suspended. Please do not join from public networks such as schools or other public places.

5. How can I advertise on FCDVentures?

Simply login to your account and within the top of your member’s area you will see "Advertise" which will show all our current promotions and packages. You will also need to add funds to your account before purchasing anything which can be done within your member’s area

6. What cannot be advertised?

- Frame breakers
- Adult content
- Sites with pop ups
- Racism
- Spamming
- Forced downloads

7. Are visitors guaranteed?

Yes, since we only count actual clicks you receive every single visitor you ordered.

8. Can I change my upline?

No, if you believe that your referrer (upline) should be another user or if you do not have any upline, this issue is not from the website.
This is your responsibility to check the referral link that you click on.

9. How often can I click ads?

You can click ads every 24 hours. The ads will reset at midnight (00:00 server time).

10. How can I retrieve my password?

Click login from the menu, and proceed to click the link 'Forgot your password?' then enter your email and your password will be resent to your email associated with your account.

11. Can I make money from referrals?

Yes, because free members earn money from their own clicks and for each of their referrals' clicks. Upgraded members earn more and this is the suggested way to earn as you will earn much more.

12. Can my user name change?

Since we identify your account by your user name you CANNOT change your user name.

13. Why is my account suspended?

Accounts are suspended if a member tries to cheat our system. There are many different reasons why your account might be banned. Changing IP address, using a proxy to hide IP address, fake address details and opening multiple accounts are all reasons for account suspension. Cheaters are blocked for life. No second chance! If you feel you have been unfairly banned then please do send us a support ticket.

14. Why is there more ads when I am logged out?

You will see more ads while you are logged out because our system allows advertisers to set demographic filters so they can only target certain countries or certain members such as members who are upgraded as they are considered more valuable.

15. Why I cannot see any ads on PTC section?

 To be able to view ads on FCDVentures, you need to Disable or Turn Off your ad blocker (pop up blocker) in your browser's extension setting.


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